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mycleanroom has specialized in holistic cleanroom solutions in the field of microtechnology. Together with our partners, we advise you on how to implement the “CLEAN“ solution in your company.

The increasing demands on production under “clean conditions” often confront companies with varrious challenges and questions.

“We need a clean room”

“We must produce under clean conditions”

”Our customer demands production in a cleanroom, but we have no idea what we have to do or what is coming up.”

Are these also your topics and do you have to meet these requirements?
In this case it is extremely important to take a detailed look at

  • the process,
  • the product,
  • the production,
  • the requirements
  • and more.

The cleanroom agency mycleanroom is specialized in offering holistic solutions in the field of microtechnology. In order to be able to advise our customers on their requirements in the best possible way, we work closely in a network with our partners. Once all requirements have been worked out and documented, it is very easy to find a solution.

The topics are manifold and reach far beyond the actual production environment. Clothing concepts, cleaning requirements, furniture, airlock equipment, in short, the entire cleanroom requirement must be adapted to the requirements.

We set the highest standards in all areas. That's why we have built up comprehensive know-how, which is probably unique in its breadth and depth. However, we also recognize our limits - and at these points we get partners on board who support and complement us.

Because new ideas create new solutions.
Challenge us and let us talk about your needs.

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