Trainings to optimize
your cleanroom processes

Based on many years of experience working in cleanrooms, we offer coaching and training on cleanroom-specific topics.

Solutions in cleanroom technology are becoming increasingly complex.

For training, it is therefore all the more important to understand which requirements or processes are present and which really important parameters must be considered.
Only then can a successful training course be carried out.

The trainers must know the customers' requirements in order to be perceived as partners at eye level. This is how a relationship of trust is built up, which leads to the training being sustainable and the maximum of knowledge being gained.

The cleanroom agency mycleanroom offers three areas of training:

  • Courses
  • Inhouse trainings
  • Coachings

Training courses

    • A must for every responsible person in the clean room
    • Measurable results directly after the event
    • Useful knowledge immediately after the course

    With this training, cleanroom users ensure the highest level of safety and quality for the processes in their ongoing operations. Optimal handling of people and materials requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

    Cleanroom managers who do not yet have this experience have the opportunity to benefit from the trainer's many years of expertise and experience with this course. In four days, fundamental knowledge is imparted in an inspiring and lively manner, both theoretically and practically. The participants will receive important basics to better control processes, to recognize and eliminate risks, to make employees more productive and to better evaluate suppliers. After completing this course to become a cleanroom manager, participants will be able to create a more economical, safer and compliant cleanroom strategy for ongoing operations.

    In-house trainings

      • Let our experts come to your company
      • Profit from more than 35 years of practice in the clean room
      • Time saving through training on site

      These trainings are about optimizing your operational excellence in the area of behavior or cleaning. The aim is to give employees who are already working in a cleanroom or are about to start working in a cleanroom a basis and an overview of how to apply and optimize cleanroom behavior or cleaning.
The training courses are designed in such a way that the theoretical explanations are essentially accompanied by practical examples and actions. The practical part ensures a lively transfer of knowledge.


      • Theory and practice for beginners and professionals
      • Tailored to your needs
      • For the perfect structuring of your own work in the cleanroom

      We support you in the implementation of optimization and innovation strategies.
      Benefit from the trainer's more than 35 years of practical experience in cleanroom technology. With our support you will find the weak points in your running business. We will reliably put together an individual program for training your employees and design training courses that will enable you to implement your clothing and cleaning regulations. As one immediate result, you will measurably optimize your material logistics in the cleanroom.

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